Our Vision

It is important for believers in Jesus Christ, not only to receive Him at salvation, but to develop a progressive vision for their future relationship with Him. God has a purpose to fulfill in the lives of His people and we must not stop until it is fulfilled in this life. There are so many opportunities to get sidetracked, and sadly many do, settling for just an entrance into Heaven. However, God is more than able to bring us to the end of our spiritual journey to spiritual Mt. Zion, fulfilling God’s highest for their lives.

You might be wondering, what exactly is Mt. Zion? In the Bible, Zion represents God’s dwelling place and fulfilling all that God desires for our lives. Psalm 87:2 says that the Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwelling places of Jacob. This physical mountain in Jerusalem is merely a representation of God’s dwelling place in Heaven. Heaven is a large kingdom and not all of those who qualify to enter heaven will dwell for eternity in God’s holy city. Those who make their life’s goal to fulfill God’s plan for their lives are really telling the Lord that they want to be, not just in Heaven, but in His eternal dwelling place, Mt. Zion.

We invite all of you to journey with us to spiritual Mt. Zion, God’s preferred dwelling place in Heaven, as we seek to dwell in God’s presence for all eternity by fulfilling God’s highest calling for our lives.