Related Ministries

Zion Fellowship International

Clearwater Church of Mt Zion is affiliated with Zion Fellowship International, a nondenominational, Pentecostal organization devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ and the end-time revival. ZFI is worshiping and teaching fellowship which overseeing the following:

  • Worldwide missions program
  • Resident Bible schools in many countries
  • Distance education programs
  • Distribution and publication of Christian books, study manuals, and magazines
  • Leadership seminars in the United States and throughout the world.

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Zion Christian University

Zion Christian University is a school of theology located in Clearwater, Florida, providing programs of theological study through distance education to students around the world. The mission of Zion Christian University is to encourage students to pursue spiritual maturity by teaching the truth of Gods Word, promoting the adoption of a heavenly vision, seeking to cultivate godly character, and endeavoring to prepare students to be leaders God can use for His glory.

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Zion Ministerial Institute

ZMI is a Spirit-filled institute with a two-year residential program of study that is focused on equipping Christian leaders to be effective ministers of God’s Word. The purpose of the curriculum is to foster godly character, enhance ministry skills, and emphasize the most important aspect of ministry, an ever-growing relationship with the Lord. Zion Ministerial Institute is located at the ZFI headquarters in Waverly, New York.

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Zion Christian Publishers

Zion Christian Publishers is a related ministry of Zion Fellowship International and has a vision to produce quality and affordable Christian literature, books, magazines, and study manuals. Currently, there are over 25 translations of Zion books worldwide. To view a complete listing of the available materials, read excerpts from each book, and place orders online visit the ZCP website.

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