Meet Our Staff

Rev. Daniel Humphreys

Senior Pastor

Rev. Daniel Humphreys started the ministry as a youth pastor at Zion Chapel in Waverly, New York. The Lord then led him and his wife Sarah to Florida and put it on their hearts to start a church with an emphasis on the clear teaching of God’s word. Rev. Humphreys graduated from Zion Ministerial Institute with a Diploma of Ministerial Training and Zion Christian University with a Bachelor of Theology. He is currently the Academic Dean of Zion Christian University, a distance ed, Spirit-filled Bible school dedicated to raising up leaders who can be used by God.

Sarah Humphreys

Worship Director

Sarah Humphreys is the Worship Director at the Church of Mt Zion as well as a Sunday School teacher. It is her desire to lead people into the Lord’s presence through worship that pleases His heart: worship that is in Spirit and Truth (John 4:23). Sarah graduated from Zion Ministerial Institute, where she met her husband, and then continued her education to receive a Bachelor of Theology from Zion University as well as a Master of Education from Regent University. She is currently the Registrar at Zion Christian University.