Sermons from January 2014

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Four Virtues of Proverbs – Wisdom


Pastor Daniel will start a series that examines four of the main virtues found in the book of Proverbs. Today we will look at wisdom, which is the principle thing and worth far more than any riches we may obtain in this life.



We are to be a people that abound with thanksgiving. As we examine Scripture, we see that it is something that must continually put into practice in our lives in order to be a people full of the peace and joy of the Lord.

What We Hold Onto


We have received wonderful gifts from God. We have been saved, baptized, filled with His Spirit. Yet the Apostle Paul says that we must “lay hold on eternal life.” Pastor Daniel will discuss the part we must play in order to lay up for ourselves a wonderful inheritance in the life to come.

The Power to Change


In the new year it is common to make new resolutions. It is often that we are going to change in this and that area so that we better ourselves. Even though God Himself never changes, He offers us the power to change by His Holy Spirit. Pastor Daniel will discuss how we can obtain […]