Sermons from May 2014

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Consecrated But Reaching Out


Pastor Ben & Audrey Viola share about their experiences on the mission field of Tanzania. Pastor Ben also speaks about the need to have holiness but also to reach out to those around us.

Finding Rest for Your Soul


The ultimate goal of the Christian life is to enter into the rest of God. When we struggle with our own cares and burdens, Jesus offers to exchange our cares for His easy yoke and light burden. As we learn to walk with Him in this way, we can come into the rest of God.

Victorious Living Through Praise & Worship


One of the keys to walking in victory is to be those who know how to praise and worship the Lord. Pastor Daniel will look at Godly examples such as Paul, Silas, and King David to see how we can be those who know how to lift up our heart to the throne of God […]