Sermons from November 2016

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Wisdom from Above: The Seven Pillars – Part 1


The first thing that Jesus told His disciples about the last days was to be careful that no man would deceive them (Mt.24:4).  In that light, Pastor Daniel looks at the two wisdoms as described in James chapter 3, showing how we can identify true wisdom and develop it in our own lives.



Pastor Daniel discusses how we must always remember to mix in thanksgiving along with our sacrifice of praise.  This is well pleasing to the Lord and will help us to properly maintain our relationship with Him.

Fear or Faith


Jesus’ greatest concern for Peter was that his faith would not fail.  Pastor Daniel discusses how heaven’s great concern for our lives is that we have strong faith that does not fail during the storms of life.

The Voice of Wisdom


The Bible describes the voice of wisdom crying out for all to hear her.  If we will follow her we can enter into the wonderful promises of dwelling in safety and being quiet and undisturbed by the fear of evil.