Sermons from February 2017

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Happiness Through Serving


On His last night on earth, Jesus shared an object lesson with His disciples and then said, “happy are you if you do [these things].”  Pastor Daniel discusses how the true way to enter into happiness and joy is by becoming a servant to those around us.

Preparing for Revival

Our great hope is that God will pour out His Spirit upon this earth in order to prepare His church for His coming.  Pastor Daniel looks at the Old Testament as a guild to show us how we can be prepared to meet the Lord in the coming revival.



Pastor Daniel discusses how God is looking for those who will not just do His will, but those who delight to do it.  David achieved this in his life, therefore the Lord called him “a man after my own heart.”

Established Strengthened and Settled


The Apostle Peter shows us how God desires to work in our lives.  It is an ever deeper process with the ultimate goal of becoming “settled” in the pathway He has for us.  Pastor Daniel discusses how we can allow God to make us established, strengthened, and settled in God.