Sermons from June 2017

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The Power to Change


When we consider the political and social climate, it is evident that people are looking for a change.  Pastor Daniel discusses how God desires to give us the power to change in our personal lives so that the old things would pass away and we could be made new in His image.

A Father’s Heart


Pastor Daniel looks at the comparison of the heart of the prodigal son and his father, showing how we as Christians are on a journey of transformation.  The ultimate goal of this journey is that we receive the heart of a father and mother in Christ.

Possessing the Promises of God


In this message, Pastor Jason looks at Caleb’s Commitment, Confidence, Courage, that lead to his ultimate Conquest of Mt. Hebron and shares how this relates to our lives today.

Learning the Ways of God


God desires that we do not just witness His mighty acts, but that we gain an intimate knowledge of His ways.  Pastor Holmes shares how we can gain such a knowledge of God, by examining Psalm 107 in which we see examples of those who have come to know the heart of God.