Sermons from November 2017

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The Voice of the Lord


In Psalm 29 David describes seven aspects of the voice of the Lord. His voice is like thunder, breaking down obstacles, infusing us with the fire of God, and bringing us into peace. Pastor Daniel will discuss how we can be students of the voice of the Lord and receive the “ear of the learned.”

Joseph the Ruler


Pastor Daniel looks at the life of Joseph, showing how through all of his trials he learned to rule, which was preparing him to become the ruler of Egypt and in turn the savior of his people.

Jesus, The Bread of Life


Pastor Jason looks at Jesus as our Bread of Life from the Gospel of John chapter 6, showing how we can receive life from Him as we feed upon His words.

The Desperate Get Delivered


In Mark Chapter Five, we read the account of a woman with an issue of blood that was desperate to get delivered. Her desperation caused here to press through a great crowd of people in order to get her healing touch from Jesus. Pastor Daniel will look at how at times we must become desperate […]