Sermons from December 2017

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The Man of War


Pastor Daniel looks at chapter 42 of Isaiah at how Christ is depicted as a Man of War to defeat His enemies as well as our part in obtaining the victory for our cities.

Emmanuel God With Us


Pastor Daniel discusses one of the names of God: Emmanuel God with us. From this discussion, we will see that God desires to dwell in the midst of His people and that it is His purpose that we know and experience His presence.

A Living Hope


The Apostle Peter tells us that when we are saved we are given a hope that is alive. As Christians our hope is something that is constantly growing, increasing, and strengthened as we walk with Him. Pastor Daniel discusses how we can have this living hope developed within our hearts.

The Spirit of Prophecy


The Apostle Paul said that love is the greatest thing we may obtain as believers. However, in the very next chapter, he said that we should also pursue the spiritual gifts, that the greatest of these is prophecy. Pastor Daniel discusses how we can flow in this most essential gift so that we can both […]