Sermons from March 2018

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The Appointed Season


The Scriptures show us that God has an appointed season for every purpose under heaven. Pastor Daniel discusses how we can seek to align ourselves with the seasons of God for our lives so that we will be abundantly fruitful.

The Eyes of Our Understanding


Pastor Daniel discusses the need to see things from the perspective of the kingdom of God. God’s desire for us is to cause the eyes of our understanding to be opened so that we can understand what is the hope of our calling and inheritance in Christ.

Dealing with Delay


Pastor Jason talks about the need to patiently continue in the pathway that God is leading us, even when there appears to be a delay in God’s purposes for us.

New Wine Skins


Jesus shared the parable of the New Wine Skins so that we would not become stiff and set in our ways.  It is so important that we be able to forget the things that are behind us and set our eyes on the pathway that God has for us today.