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The Christmas Story


Each year we remember the story of Christ coming to earth as a little baby. Yet, a large part of the story is what He left behind. He gave up His place of glory and royalty to become the least. However, because He humbled Himself He is now highly exalted. This Christmas season, let us […]

Emmanuel God With Us


Pastor Daniel discusses one of the names of God: Emmanuel God with us. From this discussion, we will see that God desires to dwell in the midst of His people and that it is His purpose that we know and experience His presence.

A Living Hope


The Apostle Peter tells us that when we are saved we are given a hope that is alive. As Christians our hope is something that is constantly growing, increasing, and strengthened as we walk with Him. Pastor Daniel discusses how we can have this living hope developed within our hearts.

The Gifts of the Wise Men


In the Bible we can read the story of how the wise men traveled afar to give three gifts unto the New Born King.  Pastor Daniel discusses the significance of those gifts and how we too can give treasures unto the King of Kings