Spiritual warfare

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Having Done All to Stand


Paul tells us in Ephesians that we are to put on the armor of God. But he does so for a specific reason. It is to be able to stand. Pastor Daniel discusses how the Lord wants to give us strength so that we can make our stand for Christ.

The Benefit of Obstacles


Just as an athlete grows stronger by lifting weights, so we too as Christians grow stronger when we face opposition.  Pastor Daniel discusses how we can grow in the strength of the Lord as we learn to overcome the obstacles we find in the Christian life.

Send Judah First


When we face spiritual battles, storms, or difficulties often our first reaction is to try and fix things ourselves. However, as we can learn from Israel in the Old Testament, the victory comes by sending Judah first. Scripture tells us that when we lift up and praise the name of the Lord, He will start […]

The Strength of Israel


Jesus is not only full of strength, but He desires to fill His people with that same strength. Pastor Daniel discusses how we can be filled with the strength of the Lord in order to take the mountain of our inheritance.

Hold Your Peace


One of the most valued aspects of our Christian walk is having the peace of God. With His peace we can go through the storms of life as we rest in Him. However, often our problem is holding onto His peace. Pastor Daniel will discuss how we can hold our peace as we pass through […]

Heart Circumcision


Before Israel could enter the Promised Land, the new generation had to be circumcised. This speaks to us as believers in that God desires His children to be circumcised in heart. God has promised us that, if we will allow Him, He will circumcise our hearts, removing the power of sin from our lives so […]