Sermons by Jason Gohl

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Dealing with Delay


Pastor Jason talks about the need to patiently continue in the pathway that God is leading us, even when there appears to be a delay in God’s purposes for us.

Jesus, The Bread of Life


Pastor Jason looks at Jesus as our Bread of Life from the Gospel of John chapter 6, showing how we can receive life from Him as we feed upon His words.

Life of David


Pastor Jason looks as some of the aspects of King David’s life that made him a man after God’s own heart.

Possessing the Promises of God


In this message, Pastor Jason looks at Caleb’s Commitment, Confidence, Courage, that lead to his ultimate Conquest of Mt. Hebron and shares how this relates to our lives today.

Noah Found Grace


The Scriptures show us that Noah was a just man who did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord, was perfect in his generation, walking with God as a preacher of righteousness. ¬†Pastor Jason¬†examines what made Noah so special as to receive this grace to walk with the Lord and how we […]