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A Voice in the Wilderness


Pastor Daniel discusses John’s message in the wilderness, showing how believers may receive power from God to remove the mountains and fill in the valleys in their walk with the Lord.

The Lord of the Breakthrough


King David had a meeting with God as the Lord of the Breakthrough. Pastor Daniel discusses how God’s ultimate desire is for His people to receive a breakthrough and become more than conquerors through Him who loves us.

The Man of War


Pastor Daniel looks at chapter 42 of Isaiah at how Christ is depicted as a Man of War to defeat His enemies as well as our part in obtaining the victory for our cities.

Jehovah Nissi


Pastor Daniel looks at one of the names of God, Jehovah Nissi, which speaks of the Lord being our Banner that leads us unto victory as we follow Him.

The Strength of Israel


Jesus is not only full of strength, but He desires to fill His people with that same strength. Pastor Daniel discusses how we can be filled with the strength of the Lord in order to take the mountain of our inheritance.

Victorious Living Through Praise & Worship


One of the keys to walking in victory is to be those who know how to praise and worship the Lord. Pastor Daniel will look at Godly examples such as Paul, Silas, and King David to see how we can be those who know how to lift up our heart to the throne of God […]