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Pastor Frank Anderson talks about becoming made like vessels of clear glass without distortions so that we can portray the pure virtues of Christ in our lives

Elijah and Elisha Part 6


Pastor Daniel continues a series looking at the lives of the prophets Elijah and Elisha, developing lessons that can speak to us as believers, showing how we can be used by God to preserve a generation for Him.

Fire for Unity


Pastor Daniel discusses the need to experience the fire of God in our lives in order to come into full unity.  It was only after the disciples had spent days together in the upper room, allowing God to make things right in their lives that came together in “one accord.”  As they allowed the fire […]

The Fire of God


As we are praying for revival, we realize that God is going to come in a unique way: as the Baptizer in Fire. Pastor Daniel discusses how we can meet with God and experience His fire so that we can be changed and used by Him in the coming revival.

Fervent in Spirit


Pastor David Wallis shares how the Lord desires us to be fervent in spirit, allowing the fire of God to be lit in our hearts so that we offer ourselves as a living sacrifice unto Him.