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Pastor Frank Anderson talks about becoming made like vessels of clear glass without distortions so that we can portray the pure virtues of Christ in our lives

Emmanuel God With Us


Pastor Daniel discusses one of the names of God: Emmanuel God with us. From this discussion, we will see that God desires to dwell in the midst of His people and that it is His purpose that we know and experience His presence.

The Power to Change


When we consider the political and social climate, it is evident that people are looking for a change.  Pastor Daniel discusses how God desires to give us the power to change in our personal lives so that the old things would pass away and we could be made new in His image.

An Abundant Entrance into the Kingdom


Pastor Norman Holmes shares about how we can have an abundant entrance into the Kingdom of God. From 2 Peter chapter 1, he shows how if we will add these seven things to our faith, we will not fail but have a wonderful entrance into eternity.